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Projects done by Krause IT-Consulting

Below you'll find a list of some of the projects we've been working on recently with a short description of which role we played in realizing the particular project. It's a small selection of projects which is supposed to represent our offered skills and knowledge

All Lotus Notes Projects have been completelly realized by us.

In all projects we focus on functionality and performance and usually leave the design part to people with a better eye for that.

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Lotus Notes / Domino Development

  1. Mail Maintenance Tool

    Application to do basic maintenance and repair server tasks on mail files, like running fixup, compact, updall. Monitoring and documenting success or failure of each process and repeating, continuing or canceling maintenance according to predefined rules. Permission mapping according to global admin, local admins and regional administrators

  2. Server down SMS notification system

    Sending SMS during OOO hours and weekends to defined on-call administrator. Configuration of on-call admins, calendar to enter color coded on-duty periods. Documentation, Reporting, Analyses of server failures.

  3. IT Service Request Europe

    European system for requesting IT Services of all sort, like Hardware, Software, Accounts, Telefon. Including adjustable approval processes for each type of request

  4. Lotus Notes and Windows account creation automated

    Integrating Lotus Notes Account creation DB into IT Service Request Account Request workflow. Automation of Windows account creation, with preselecting reference account during request for copying permissions. Creation done through LDAP with designated AD account.

  5. Reporting for existing databases, ie. Leave / Absense Request DB

    Generating Excel Reports according to customer-defined rules

  6. Extensions for IT Service Request Europe

    Adding new Request modules, extending underlying workflow-engine library

  7. Supplier Performance Rating System

    Lotus Notes Application to comply with ISO 9001. Importing data from different incompatible ERP systems through automatically mailed CSV files. Verification of imported data through pre-defined rules. Complex calculations with revised and updated data.

  8. Lotus Notes NAB to Active Directory Synchronization

    Backend server application synchronizing defined fields from Lotus Notes Domino Directory to Microsoft Active Directory using LDAP queries.

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Web Development

  1. Wordpress plugins / widgets

    We develop first class database-driven custom plugins for Wordpress. Please visit us on our Wordpress Development Domain for further details on this topic


    Learning / exercise and testing project based on php, mysql, javascript, CSS, HTML - no Framework, except later jQuery for JavaScript, used as private code repositiory

  3. Adult entertainment webapp

    Based on Laravel 4 and Bootstrap messed up tumblr clone code. Cleaning up code, fixing bugs, adding features. Fixing CSS errors, mainly responsible for backend functionality + jQuery / JavaScript plugin implementations, like dropzone, jQuery UI, colorpickers, ...


    Improvements in Admin area (Codeignitor), database design (MySQL), fixing jQuery UI datepicker, NGG Picture viewer


    Implementation of wwslideshow instead of animated gifs. Improvements on underlying custom CMS, configuration of TinyMCE plugin, SEO consulting

  6. (online since April 2015)

    New Version of based on Laravel 4 Framework, including following JavaScript/jQuery plug-ins: Dropzone, WOWslider, Wysihtml5, jQuery UI, Fancybox 2